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Optional Section

Astrological Natal Chart and Horoscope

Astrological Table of Contents
Table of Contents

This optional section includes a complete natal chart and
a 10-14 page, professionally written astrological reading based on the recipient's birth information.


$25.00+ value if purchased from the Internet's most popular horoscope firm - astrology.com

Add to your book
for only $6.99

*The astrological chart
and reports are printed
using customized software, called Kepler, from Cosmic Patterns. This is the
same professional software used by the the Internet's
most popular
horoscope firms.


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A Closer Look...  

Every edition of When You Were Born® is approximately 80-96 pages
in length - custom printed in three sections.
An optional fourth section, which contains a fun-to-read astrological
reading can be added for a small additional charge.

World Events Brought To Life

The first section covers a myriad of world events, trends, awards, and more.
It is a complete snapshot of the year in which they were born.
The recipient's name and birth date are printed throughout - and, of course,
their birth was the year's top news story!
(Approx. 34-46 pages)

Topics include:

Major News Stories in the U.S. Grammy Award Winners
Major News Stories in Canada Popular TV Shows
Top International News Stories Popular Movies
Misc. Tidbits Emmy Award Winners
People in Power Golden Globe Award Winners
Popular Fashions 4-Pages of Sports Winners
Popular Toys & Games Birthstone - History & legends
Popular Books Birthflower - History & lore
Cost of Living & Statistics ...and more!
Popular Songs  

Below are a few selected pages from this section. Click on an image to see
the page in more detail.

Memorable Advertisements

The next section contains dozens of
actual magazine ads
from the chosen
year - printed in nostalgic black and white.
(Approx. 46 pages)

Below are a few sample ads. Click on an image
to see the ad in more detail.

"The ads chosen
do more than
products - they
provide a visual
record of a bygone
era in a way
that nothing
else can."

The Meaning of Their First Name

A name can say a lot about a person - such as who they are and how they project themselves.

This section includes a certificate, bound within the book, which includes the meaning of their name, origin, root, personality traits, and more.

The Ideal Gift...

Give this once-in-a-lifetime present to anyone who is celebrating
a birthday, a new baby, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day,
or anytime just to say "I'm glad that you were born!"

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treasure forever -CLICK HERE!

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